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WWII US Army Original Paint Finish M1 Infantry Schlueter Swivel Bale Helmet and Liner with Late War Paint and Net (True WWII Production Late War Rear Seam)

WWII US Army Original Paint Finish M1 Infantry Schlueter Swivel Bale Helmet and Liner with Late War Paint and Net

True WWII Production Late War Rear Seam Schlueter Shell!

For the most authentic museum quality restored original M1 swivel bale infantry helmet and liner for sale – look no further!

This is a combination of an original paint finish US WWII M1 helmet shell with totally restored M1 infantry liner that has been reassembled to represent the standard infantry model worn by the US Army units during WWII. This helmet restoration has been conducted with painstaking detail, such as the use of United Carr marked hardware on the liner nape strap and, more importantly, the use of actual shuttle loomed 20/2 mercerized yarn olive drab #3 chinstrap and HBT suspension webbing. All of which were made on the only functional original WWII era shuttle looms in existence.


At Top Pots, we are not "reproducing" WWII webbing... we are actually remaking it... on three WWII era Saurer Shuttle Looms with the original cams!

So, if you are looking for a US WWII swivel bale helmet with the most authentic Type II Mil-Spec 530 11 row weave chain-pattern and Herring Bone Twill suspension webbing, this is your helmet. This particular helmet represents the standard model, which would have been used in combat operations such as D Day, Operation Market Garden and the Battle of Okinawa. This is simply the best WWII M1 helmet for re-enactors, air-soft clubs and collectors made exclusively by Top Pots.

This restored original WWII M1 helmet is complete for sale as shown and includes the following

  • Original paint finish WWII era M1 helmet shell (swivel bale)
  • Retains original FS34151 late war exterior paint finish
  • Cork textured
  • Rare Schlueter rear-seam swivel bale helmet shell (true WWII model)
  • US M1 helmet liner (with frontal insignia hole)
  • Olive drab #3 HBT suspension (made from our genuine WWII era US Shuttle Looms)
    • Upper suspension (with WWII era maker’s mark stamp)
    • Lace cord
    • A washers and rivets
    • Back strap (with correct Segma snap hardware)
    • Nape strap (with United Carr hardware and WWII era QM stamp)
    • Sweatband / Headband with six clips (with WWII era QM stamp)
    • Leather liner chinstrap (with WWII era maker’s mark stamp and set with United Carr marked hardware)
  • Original M1 infantry chinstraps (late war flat buckle with j hook attachment)

This is the finest restored US WWII M1 helmet available and would make a fine addition to any film production, collection, costume, display, re-enactment impression or special gift. For more information about further customization, difference between Grade I and Grade II liners and production / delivery times please visit our Helmet Production page.

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