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WWII US General Patton 3rd Army Four Star Parade Liner, Ike Jacket, Service Shirt, Khaki Tie, Riding Pant, Riding Boot & Uniform with Insignia (Full Uniform)

WWII US General Patton 3rd Army Four Star Parade Liner, Ike Jacket, Service Shirt, Khaki Tie, Riding Pant, Riding Boot & Uniform with Insignia (Full Uniform)

 This limited offer includes the following:

  • US WWII Patton Parade Liner (Four Star General model)
  • US WWII Officer Ike Jacket - Chocolate Brown (your seamstress will have to remove the existing buttons, alter the button holes and add the gold embossed buttons provided below)  
  • US WWII Officer Service Shirt ("chocolate" or "pink" gabardine)
  • Khaki Tie
  • Patton gold buttons (Class A buttons)
  • 3rd Army Patch
  • US Officer collar insignia set
  • Four star General row (two sets of eight INDIVIDUAL General stars... metal... not cloth)
  • Custom General Patton Overseas Service Stripes
  • Riding Pants (wool "Bedford" cord or "pink" gabardine)
  • Officer trouser belt with buckle
  • M1940 Leather 3 Buckle Riding Boots 

If you are looking for a complete General Patton uniform set, this is for you.  This offering is limited.  Depending on size needed, substitutions for shirt and riding pant style may be needed.

A production is time needed to create both the parade liner and overseas service stripe.  Customer will also need to have their local tailor/seamstress complete the uniform to meet the General Patton modifications.  This will involve removing "Ike" jackets buttons, opening button holes, sewing on gold buttons, patches, etc...  .

This does notinclude chest ribbon bar.  If interested in ordering, please contact us directly first.  You will be personally sized for each item, so please do not worry about getting everything right.  When ordering, you will place the order based off your jacket size, as the size variations for the shirt, riding pants and boots would be to complicated.

Again, you will be carefully personally sized before anything anything is processed.

The General Patton parade liner included is a restored and converted original WWII M1 infantry liner and includes the following

  • Correct FS34087 lustreless olive drab exterior paint
  • US M1 helmet liner (with frontal insignia hole)
  • Olive drab #3 HBT suspension (made from our genuine WWII era US Shuttle Looms)
    • Upper suspension (with WWII era maker’s mark stamp)
    • Lace cord
    • A washers and rivets
    • Back strap (with correct Scovil hardware)
    • Nape strap (with United Carr hardware and WWII era QM stamp)
    • Sweatband / Headband with six clips (with WWII era QM stamp)
    • Leather liner chinstrap (with WWII era maker’s mark stamp and set with United 


Allied Shoe Sizing Guide

Uniform Boot & Shoe Measurements:
Uniform boots and shoes have been listed as if to fit men within the US shoe sizing system.  Generally, they are available from US size 8 to 14 in whole sizes only.  If you are a ½ size, please order the next size larger to what you normally wear.

Also, please know, you will be contacted personally to confirm your size selection.  You will be assisted during the sizing process, so please do not worry about making a wrong selection during checkout.  Buying clothing online, especially when converting sizes from other countries, can be a daunting process and you will be helped along the way. 

Sizing Guide:
How to measure yourself for a WWI or WWII uniform

Cap/Hat Size
If your US fitted cap or EU hat size is not known, to determine your hat size, measure the circumference around your head, keeping the tape level and firm, across the temples and above the eyebrow ridges. Measure circumference of head just above top of ears.  Wrap tape gently around head making certain tape lies midway on your occipital bone (that little bump in the middle of the back of your head).  Don't pull the tape too tightly or your hat will fit that tightly.  Measure 2 or 3 times to be accurate.

Chest (Across Nipples)
Measure yourself (LOOSELY) around the fullest part of your chest, with your hands by your side, and your chest expanded.  Keeping the tape measure level.  Have someone else do measuring for you.

Waist (Belly Button)
Measure yourself (LOOSELY) around the natural waistline (that is your belly button).

Inseam (Inside Leg)
Measure yourself from the crotch to where your trousers normally sit on your shoe.


Size Chart


  • You MUST use a cloth/ tailoring measuring tape to size your body before ordering.
  • Please do not use the measurements from other garments when submitting size information.
  • Also, to get the most accurate number, it is best to take measurements while not wearing other layers of clothing.
  • Uniforms have been sized to accommodate for undergarments and the ability to move, especially around shoulders and waist, so we just need your body dimensions.
  • Please know, after you place your order, you will be contacted personally to confirm your measurements and size selections before any payment is processed or item sent to reconfirm body dimensions and desired fit.
  • If your size is not in stock, you will not be billed and contacted immediately before order is processed.