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Return Policy

Return Policy

Return Policy  An exchange for a uniform due to a sizing mistake is available, but you must contact me within one week of receiving the item. This is strictly for the uniforms. After 21 years in business, any problems I had with helmets have always been resolved via mail and have always been because an item was left out of the initial shipment (missing medic pack, etc...).

Uniform exchanges due to a sizing or selection mistake made by me. This is where I sent you a wrong size or item. These are subject to a three day notice. For example, you ordered a LARGE and I sent you a SMALL, you must contact me within three days of getting the garment and I will happily exchange the uniform at my expense.

Uniform exchanges due to a sizing, selection mistake or change of mind made by you. This is where you ordered the wrong size, item or decided you do not want want it for any reason. These exchanges are also subject to a three day limitation, plus an additional 30% restocking fee being deducted from your initial payment and you will pay the return shipping. The restocking fee is for the general cleaning and the labour involved returning an item into our system so they may be resold at a later date.

The general public, collectors and reenactors have been absolutely fantastic about this, as we take the time to personally size every customer and ask about what you envision.  Too many of the Los Angeles costume houses  and photographers have tried to use us as a "rental" business in the past, where they buy the uniforms, use them for a quick shoot and then return the items. So this policy, with the hard deadlines and fees, had to be enacted to mitigate that practice.

All uniforms must returned in an unused and unaltered condition to be eligible for exchange. Please visit the sizing chart page and follow it carefully before ordering. In the event of exchange/refund, shipping costs are not included.

Thank you.