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WWII US Army Signal Corps SCR-536 Hand Held Walkie Talkie Radio Transceiver - Fully Functonal

 WWII US Army Signal Corps SCR-536 Hand Held Walkie Talkie Radio Transceiver - Fully Functional



The US WWII Army Signal Corps SCR-536 hand held transceiver was one of the first portable two-way radios. Developed in 1940, it was used extensively in US operations North Africa, Italy, Sicily and Normandy. Infantry companies usually had a minimum of six “walkie talkies”; one for each of the three rifle platoons, two for the weapons platoon, and one for the company commander.

This listing is for one fully functional reproduction hand radio unit, each of which have a modern eight channel Family Radio Service (FRS) receiver and transmitter. An FRS is a private, two-way, short-distance voice and data communications service for facilitating family and group activities with a hand held device. This is great short-distance, two-way voice communication that can extend to about a mile and half in open ground. 

Three AA batteries are required for each hand-set (not included).

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