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WWII US Army M1 Helmet Cotton Olive Drab 3 Chin Strap Webbing - Needle Loom

WWII US Army M1 Helmet Cotton Olive Drab 3 Chin Strap Webbing - Needle Loom


Reproduction WWII US Army M1 helmet cotton olive drab 3 chin strap webbing material.  It is an excellent replication and adorned our helmets for the first decade or so of business.  It is the standard 11 row weave chain pattern 20 mm wide chin strap webbing being used by most vendors today.

We should know, as we sold it to some of them. 

This material is needle loomed manufactured webbing.  This means it was made on a modern loom, which leaves a distinctive line on one side of the webbing.  This is totally different to true WWII era shuttle loom helmet chin strap material, which portrays a beautiful raw edge appearance on both sides. 

To get around this, we applied a catch-stitch, which hides the tell-tale needle loom line on the side of the material, but it is noticeable for those who know what they are looking for with their helmet webbing.  Most of the vendors who use this webbing on their helmets use it on their aged helmets and run an angle grinder along the needle loomed edge to fray it… thus hiding the distinctive line.  It is 100 percent cotton, yarn dyed, but has no white cotton tube fillers, another beautiful feature of true WWII era M1 helmet webbing. 

The video is of our premium shuttle loom produced US WWII M1 helmet webbing, which is also for sale and listed within this product collection.