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WWII US Army M1 Helmet Cotton Olive Drab 7 Chin Strap Webbing - Shuttle Loom

WWII US Army M1 Helmet Cotton Olive Drab 7 Chin Strap Webbing – Shuttle Loom


This is the premier US WWII M1 helmet chin strap webbing material on the market.  Our chin strap material is the only true shuttle loom M1 helmet webbing to be made on a set of original WWII era looms. We produce it ourselves in our factory bay on a set of original WWII era shuttle looms which we purchased and carefully restored. 

This raw edged M1 helmet chin strap webbing material is made from OD 7 20/2 resultant count (40 tex) gas mercerized cotton yarn, features distinctive 11 row weave pattern and has the correct white cotton tube filler.  We slightly distress the material to make it indistinguishable from an original.  This process not only gives character to the webbing, but also thickens it a bit, so it is actual webbing and not the floppy ribbon tape sold by most vendors. 

You cannot get more authentic than this.

If you have bought reproduction M1 helmet chin strap webbing material or even a complete m1 helmet from another vendor, we are not saying you have wasted your money, but you have.  If you have an original finish shell or take pride in your impression / collection and want it done right, this is the webbing for you.

You can even consider one of our WWII US M1 HELMET RESTORATION (EXCHANGE)  service offerings and send us your trashed, previously restored or family heir loom helmet for us to bring back to life.

Unlike our other webbing, this webbing is only available on a limited basis.  Shuttle looms are notoriously slow, especially with the chin strap material, and our helmets and accessories come first.  Any overruns will be sold to the public, so feel free to contact us directly, especially if wanting larger quantities.

To back up our claims, we have included detailed pics of the webbing, the looms, how the material appears when in use and even included a video of the actual material.  If that is not enough, we have even included the exact manufacturing specifications for you below.  At Top Pots, it’s about M1 helmet preservation... not just restoration.

Chinstrap Specifications

  • 20/2 Resultant Count (40 Tex) Gas Mercerized Cotton Yarn
  • 20mm wide

 Warp Ends:

  • 176 Body ends (Merc cotton 600 Dtex)
  • 11 Filler ends (Cotton cord 3000 Dtex)
  • 11 Binder ends (Merc cotton 600 Dtex)


  • 1 Weft end (Merc cotton 600 Dtex)

Additional Production Notes:*

  • Body – 1.2672 KG per 100 meters
  • Weft – 0.44352 KG per 100 meters
  • Total Cotton – 1.7102 KG per 100 meters