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WWII US Army Restored Original M1 Infantry Helmet Swivel Bale Shell and Liner with Sergeant Emblem - Sgt Rock Comic Book

WWII US Army Restored Original M1 Infantry Helmet Swivel Bale Shell and Liner with Sergeant NCO Emblem - Sgt. Rock Comic Book 

This listing is for an all reproduction M1 shell and liner, with full accessories, that has been restored to represent a WWII era M1 swivel bale infantry helmet. This helmet restoration has been done with painstaking detail. It even has a set of olive drab #3 chinstraps, whose webbing was made on one of our three original WWII era Shuttle Looms, something we normally reserve for use only on our genuine WWII era helmet restorations.

At Top Pots, we are just not "reproducing" WWII webbing... we are now "remaking" it... on a set of original WWII era Saurer looms too!

If you are looking for a premium, but economical, US WWII infantry helmet, this is for you. The helmet will come exactly as shown. As mentioned before, it even sports a pair of our historically correct shuttle loomed Type II Mil-Spec 530 11 row weave chain-pattern chinstrap sets, and fitted out with a complete infantry liner suspension and accessory kit. The quality of the items and time put into creating this helmet clearly makes this all reproduction M1 infantry helmet better than other vendor's restored originals.

It includes the following:

  • 1 M1 helmet shell (reproduction… swivel bale)
  • Correct FS34087 lustreless olive drab exterior paint
  • Cork textured
  • Swivel bale chinstrap loops
  • 1 M1 helmet liner (reproduction)
  • New olive drab #3 HBT liner suspension (includes)
    • Upper suspension
    • Lace cord
    • Brass washers and rivets
    • Back strap
    • Nape strap
    • Sweatband
    • Six clips
    • Leather liner chinstrap (made with “United Carr” hardware)
  • Infantry chinstraps (early war buckle with "j" hook attachment)

This is the finest restored US WWII M1 infantry helmet available and would make a fine addition to any collection, costume, display, re-enacting impression or gift.

Liner Grade